Spina Zonke boasts an impressive collection in South Africa of over 1000 games. Many come with special features that can boost your winnings way beyond the usual. We get it – waiting for hundreds of spins to unlock these features can be a drag when you’re eyeing that big win. The good news? Several Spina Zonke games let you buy features directly. Dive into this guide to discover which games offer this and what it’ll cost you.

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How Does Feature Bonus buying work?

In South Africa, a fresh option called ‘feature buying’ is making waves in Spina Zonke gambling. Simply put, you can pay a set amount to immediately activate special game opportunities.

As a South African gambler, you know it can often take hundreds of spins to land features in slots. But many Spina Zonke games offer you the chance to buy features like free spins and bonus rounds. Let’s take a look at how it works.

In the top right of some games, you’ll see a “Buy Free Spins” button. This allows you to skip past the countless spins it normally takes to trigger bonuses. The cost of buying a feature is typically 50-100x your spin amount.

Popular providers like Habanero and Pragmatic Play have Spina Zonke games with buyable features. Titles like Return to the Future let you purchase access to features like 10-100 free spins. The feature will cost more for more scatters (3-8) and free rounds, but can lead to bigger payouts.

The buy one, get one feature saves you the hassle of landing a feature naturally, though wins aren’t guaranteed. Still, playing the bonus quicker gives more chances for that big jackpot. Best of luck buying features on Spina Zonke games!

How much do Features cost to buy?

Your cost depends on your bet size and the bonus rounds you’re after. While each game varies, you’re usually looking at shelling out anywhere from 50x to 100x your bet.

Let’s break it down: Say you’re betting R3 a spin. To unlock 4 Scatters with 25 free spins, you might spend R130. But to get 5 scatters with 50 free spins, it could be R220. Now, if you’re betting a lighter R1, the cost drops to a third. But remember, a smaller bet means smaller winnings too.

An example of Feature Bonus

Picture this:

  • You’re in the game, placing a breezy bet of 10c every spin.
  • Fancy a shortcut to the feature? It’s yours for a price – a neat R10 in this case (that’s 100 times your 10c bet).
  • Once you’ve put down your R10, the excitement starts! On your next move, you’ll see 3 Scatter symbols pop up.
  • Now, here’s the catch: your wins are tied to your original 10c bet, not the R10 feature buy-in.
  • Thinking of upping the stakes? Remember, while the feature’s price tag rises, so do those juicy potential wins.

How to buy a Spina Zonke Feature?

To purchase a feature, follow these steps:

  1. Browse the list of Spina Zonke games that offer this option.
  2. Choose your desired game.
  3. Look for the “buy feature” button, typically located in the top-right corner of the screen.
  4. Adjust your bet to your preferred amount.
  5. Click the button “buy feature” to secure your instant access to the feature or bonus round.

Spina Zonke Games with Bonus Feature you Can Buy

Return to the Feature

Step into the retro vibes of the ’80s with this slot game, boasting stellar graphics and tunes. Opt for one of its three Mega Features – Rewind, Free Game, or Money Re-spin. Starting bets are just R10.96, and you could score 10 to 100 free games! Many vouch it’s one of Spina Zonke’s top buys, and we’ve certainly reaped rewards from it.

Christmas Gift Rush

Feel the festive cheer with this slot where Santa’s gift is just a spin away. Its standout feature lets you nudge symbols on the first three rows. Start the festivities with as little as R6. While it’s not our top pick, luck could land a nudge just right for a handsome reward.

Orbs of Atlantis

Dive deep into Atlantis’s mysteries with cascading symbols, multipliers, and scatters starting at just 30c a spin. Choose from three enticing features that promise between 10 and 100 free games, beginning at R9. Who knows what treasures await?

Tuk Tuk Thailand

Brought to life by the acclaimed Habanero studio, this game paints a vivid picture of Thailand’s allure since its 2022 debut. Relish in the rich graphics, showcasing pristine beaches to majestic palaces. Plus, there are plenty of Thai-inspired bonus treats to enhance your playtime.

Golden Unicorn Deluxe

Embark on a magical journey with Golden Unicorn Deluxe, a hit since its June 2022 launch by Habanero. It promises enchanting gameplay set in a universe where unicorns rule. Dive in and experience the magic.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying Features & Bonuses

The primary perk is bypassing the countless spins typically required to trigger a feature. While you might occasionally get it after only a few spins, it’s usually more of a rare delight than a regular occurrence.


  • Instant Access to Bonuses: With the bonus buy feature, you can jump straight into the action, bypassing those countless spins usually needed to trigger bonuses. Sure, sometimes you might unlock it in just a few spins, but more often than not, it takes a lot longer.
  • A Shot at the Jackpot: The juiciest prizes are often hidden in bonus games or free spins where special multipliers and other perks await. By buying in, you’re giving yourself the shot at landing those mega payouts. Think about this: if you’re playing Pragmatic Play’s Gates of Olympus at 60c a spin, getting the bonus will cost you R60. That’s 100x your spin amount, but the potential rewards can be much more.
  • Even More Goodies Inside: Depending on the game, buying a bonus could lead to extra free spins or even more exciting gameplay features. More spins typically mean more chances to win big.
  • Boosted RTP in Bonus Games: A lot of games offer a higher return to player (RTP) percentage during bonus rounds. This means you could have a slightly better edge against the house, increasing your winning potential.


  • It’s All About Luck: While Spina Zonke is thrilling, remember it’s mainly about luck. Purchasing a bonus doesn’t guarantee bigger wins. If luck isn’t on your side, you might end up with less than what you spent on the bonus.
  • Bet Big for Bigger Wins: If you buy a bonus for R100, your spins during that bonus round might be worth just R1 each. So, even if you hit a 1000x jackpot, you’d only get R1000. But if you’re typically wagering R5 per spin, and you trigger a bonus organically, your potential winnings could be much higher.
  • No Guarantee of Big Wins: You might be tempted to keep buying bonuses hoping for that big win. But there’s no certainty of hitting it big, even after several purchases. It’s essential to manage your bankroll wisely, so you don’t deplete your funds prematurely. Nothing dampens the Spina Zonke excitement like running out of cash too soon!

Strategies for Feature Buying Spina Zonke

While buying a feature doesn’t guarantee a win, there are some strategies to boost your chances:

  • Vary your stake amount – Try different bets to find the optimal balance of price versus potential payouts. Higher stakes can lead to bigger wins.
  • Review game rules – Understand the bonuses and features before purchasing to pick the best options. Compare RTP percentages too.
  • Don’t chase losses – If you buy a feature that doesn’t pay out well, don’t keep buying more trying to recoup those losses. Stick to your budget.
  • Use free spins wisely – When you trigger free spins from a bought feature, bet higher if the game allows maximizing those bonus rounds.
  • Buy at the right time – Some slots pay better at certain times. Buying features when the game is hot can increase your odds of winning.

Popular Pragmatic Play Titles

Pragmatic Play is a leading creator of exciting and engaging online slots. Here are some top Pragmatic Play games found on Spina Zonke with purchasable bonuses:

  • Gates of Olympus – Highly volatile Greek mythology-themed slot with a bonus buy feature.
  • Sweet Bonanza – Candy-filled cascading reels game with increasing multipliers up to 100x.
  • Wolf Gold – Wild west theme with stacked symbols and the Money Collect bonus.
  • John Hunter and the Tomb of the Scarab Queen – Adventure slot with high RTP and buy free spins.

Compatibility with Mobile Play

Spina Zonke’s mobile site and app provide the same seamless gameplay and feature buying capabilities as the desktop experience. This means you can access instant bonuses and big win potential from your smartphone or tablet on the go. Buying features fits conveniently into a busy lifestyle. Don’t let travel or commitments stop you from playing.


Is the bonus buy feature available in all Spina Zonke games?

No, it is limited to specific Spina Zonke titles. Always check the game’s rules or interface to see if the option is available.

Are the payouts higher when using the bonus buy?

Payouts from it are based on the triggering stake, not the amount spent to purchase it. However, it often grants access to high-rewarding bonus rounds.

Is there a guarantee of winning when using the buy feature?

No, while it provides immediate access to bonus rounds, there’s no guarantee of a win or that the win will exceed the purchase price.

Can you use the bonus buy multiple times in succession?

Yes, if you have the necessary funds, you can purchase it multiple times back-to-back.

Why is buying features popular among players?

Yes, many players appreciate the ability to skip straight to the exciting bonus rounds, though it’s always important to play responsibly.

Can you buy the bonus feature with demo money?

Typically, it requires real money, but some online casinos might offer demos where players can try it out with play credits.

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